I’ve been checking in on myself lately, checking in on my feelings. Am I in control? Or am I out of control in any given situation? What I’m noticing is that I could use some leveling up when it comes to emotional maturity. Sure, I’m only human. But do I really want to live my life at the whim of being thrashed about by my emotional triggers?

What (or who) are your emotional triggers? What tends to set you off? We live in a visceral world so it’s only natural that we feel our emotions. Our feelings and emotions run deep, from happy to sad, from angry to understanding. We feel our emotions all the time. Yet, more often than not, we tend to get bossed around by our emotions. We can spin out of control within a split second. Afterwards we think of all the ways we could have handled the situation in a calmer, more strategic way that would have played out more to our advantage.

So what can we do about our emotional triggers? What people, places, conversations, situations, or things make you “go there.” What tends to send you straight to that dark place? Do you abuse food when you’re lonely? Do you “go off” when a family member is critical? Does your boss at work make you feel “some type of way” every time they speak to you in that condescending tone?

The first thing to do is to be aware of your emotions. Take the time to recognize triggers. Mindfulness is a good thing. Practice impulse control. Be aware of your internal emotion regulation. Envision yourself as an emotionally mature person. See yourself as a person who is in control of their emotions. If your trigger is a person, it may be necessary to remove yourself from that person’s presence or limit interaction as much as possible. Even if you are in a professional or family situation that would prevent you from removing that person from your life, you can create healthy emotional boundaries. Know that you have the power to create an invisible forcefield around you that will provide strength and shield you from negativity. After all, it’s all in your mind, isn’t it? 

Have you thought about your emotional triggers lately? What sets you off, and then what do you do about it? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!